Find Your Place In Nauck

About Nauck

Nauck is a south Arlington neighborhood made up mostly of single-family homes. In 1844, Levi and Sarah Ann Jones were among the first African Americans to buy land and build a home in the area once known as “Green Valley.” Several other families from nearby Freedman’s Village joined them. The Nauck neighborhood was formally established after the Civil War by John D. Nauck, Jr. of Washington DC, who purchased and subdivided 46 acres of land and sold lots to others.

The 1898 introduction of the electric railway generated further development, but expansion halted n 1902 when the Constitution of Virginia restricted the rights of black citizens. Fifty years later, development of Nauck was nearly complete, and the community continued to thrive as one of the oldest and most prominent African American communities in Arlington.

Many of Nauck’s single-family homes were built between 1960 and the mid-1970’s, in a variety of architectural styles common to Arlington at the time.