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About High View Park

North Arlington’s High View Park (Hall’s Hill) neighborhood is the oldest enclave in Northern Virginia.

The two neighborhoods were established in the 1800s. Hall’s Hill occupied the upper section of the community, originally a portion of the estates of William Marcey and Basil Hall. Hall sold most of his land to his freed slaves for about .60¢ per acre. High View Park, meanwhile, was known as “the bottom of the hill,” or lower section of the community. In 1965, the entire area was renamed High View Park to commemorate its unique view of the County.

Separated from the white communities along three of its borders by an 8-foot-high wooden fence until the 1950’s, High View Park’s resources were limited, so community-based churches provided a social and cultural foundation, as well as a religious one. Residents united to integrate schools, housing, theaters, hospitals, libraries and eating facilities during the 1950’s and ’60’s. On June 1, 1956 several students and parents filed suit against the Arlington School Board for denying the community’s black students the right to attend Washington Lee High School. In 1959, black students gained admittance to Stratford Junior High School, setting a precedence for Arlington school desegregation.

High View Park neighborhood amenities include High View Park, a three-acre park with picnic area, charcoal grills, a playground, ball field, two lighted basketball courts with bleachers, and an amphitheater.