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About Court House

Court House is an urban village in Arlington, Virginia, (referenced on Google Maps as Court House but locally known as Courthouse). Arlington County’s Court House Sector Plan (1981) defines the neighborhood’s boundaries as Wilson Blvd (N-NW), Cleveland Street (just S of Clarendon Blvd.), Fairfax Drive (SW), Arlington Boulevard (SE) and Courthouse Road (NE), but the neighborhood is commonly considered to extend between the midpoint of the Court House and Clarendon Metro stations at Danville Street and the midpoint of the Court House and Rosslyn Stations at Rhodes Street.

The Courthouse neighborhood is the location of Arlington’s primary county government administrative complex and includes a justice center, jail, courthouse and police HQ. Courthouse Plaza and promenade, which unites government, commercial and residential components, is a few yards from the Court House Metro station. Courthouse also offers access to the Clarendon Metro Station near its SW border. The Courthouse area contains 3.3 million SF of office space, 370,000 SF of retail, 720 hotel rooms, and approximately 8,000 residential units. Colonial Village, a large residential complex offering condos, co-ops and rental apartments listed on the National Register of Historic Places, lies to the north.

Neighborhoods that adjoin Courthouse are Clarendon, Fort Meyer, Lyon Park, Virginia Square, Lyon Village, Colonial Village complex and Radnor-Fort Meyer Heights.

Courthouse amenities include Rocky Run Park, 11th Street Park and Clarendon-Barton Pop Park.