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About Clarendon

The Clarendon neighborhood is located in Arlington County. There are a number of versions of its boundaries due to its unique triangular block configuration (as opposed to the common squares model). Clarendon’s 40-45 blocks are considered by its civic associations to include the neighborhoods of Ashton Heights, Clarendon-Courthouse, Lyon Park and Lyon Village. It is bounded by Lee Highway, Veitch Street, Wilson Blvd, Arlington Blvd, Glebe Road, Wilson Blvd, and Kirkwood Street. Clarendon is bordered by the Ballston and Rosslyn neighborhoods.

Clarendon dates back to 1847, when a dairy farmer named Robert Cruitt bought 400+ acres. Twenty-five acres were sold, changing hands a couple of times before they were purchased by Robert Treat Paine Jr. of Boston. He’s believed to have named it for the street he lived once lived on in Massachusetts; Clarendon Street.

Clarendon is a highly walkable neighborhood that offers a wide variety of upscale businesses and retail options, bars, restaurants, office buildings, public art, open public spaces and popular residential neighborhoods with tree-lined streets.

Amenities in Clarendon include 11th Street Park and Clarendon Central Park.

Clarendon Improvement Projects: