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About Arlington Views

Arlington Views is a 62-acre neighborhood bounded by Columbia Pike and Washington Blvd. on the north, Shirley Hwy. on the east, the Army-Navy Country Club on the south and Rolfe Street on the west.

The community was created in the early 1700’s as Johnson’s Hill, a farm that was later subdivided into four portions. Three parcels were sold to slaves in the late 1800’s and the NW parcel was purchased by the Gray family, whose descendants still occupy the neighborhood today. The majority of the neighborhood’s homes were constructed during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Comprised primarily of single family homes, Arlington Views has also integrated a number of cooperative and apartment buildings. There are varied architectural styles ranging from federal-style, Colonial, 1940’s bungalows constructed of brick and wood, and tract houses c. the 1950’s. Today, there are approximately 391 residences in Arlington Views.

Arlington Views offers a community education center, easy access to the Army-Navy Country Club, and a small park. The Washington Boulevard Trail project was completed in late 2018. Upcoming is the Army-Navy Drive project.