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About Taylor Run

Taylor Run is a stream, neighborhood and parkway located in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Taylor Run neighborhood is bounded by King St. from Scroggins Rd. to Callahan Dr., Callahan Dr. between King St. and Duke St., Duke St. between Callahan Dr. and W. Taylor Run Pkwy., W. Taylor Run Pkwy. between Duke St. and Janney’s Lane, Janney’s Lane to MacArthur Elementary School, and through the woods between MacArthur Elementary School and Scroggins Rd.

Running through the neighborhood is 10-acre Angel Park, located along West Taylor Run Parkway and Taylor Run itself. The park offers a playground, picnic shelter, baseball field and basketball court.

The park takes its name from William J. Angel, who owned the property in 1939. The Janney House, a historic home of a prominent Quaker family, is shown in the northern part of the current park in maps dating back to 1894. Two other homes from that time period were also documented south of the park. There’s a Native American site within Angel Park which dates back to the Archaic Period, between roughly 8,000 and 2,000 B.C.E. During archeological excavations quartz flakes and “cobble quality” cores were found.

Adjoining neighborhoods are Eisenhower East, Fairlington-Bradlee, King St Metro-Eisenhower Ave, King St. Metro-Eisenhower Ave., North Ridge-Rosemont, Potomac West and Seminary Hill.