Find Your Place In Rosemont

About Rosemont

Rosemont is Alexandria’s oldest planned residential expansion, developed between 1900 and 1920. Located just west of Old Town, Rosemont extends from the foot of Shuter’s Hill (George Washington National Masonic Memorial), to the north for a dozen blocks to the edge of Del Ray.

Named Rosemont after a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania neighborhood of the same name, it was originally intended as a “streetcar suburb” connected to DC and Mount Vernon by electric railroad. Instead, Rosemont became closely integrated into the core of Alexandria. Much of the neighborhood is included in a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places that was intended to focus attention on the neighborhood’s role as a showcase of early 20th century home building styles.

Rosemont is primarily a residential neighborhood of single family homes constructed between 1908 and 1930 in architectural styles ranging from Craftsman bungalows and Arts and Crafts to Colonial Revival. Many were constructed from stock plans, though several prominent architects created designs for Rosemont buildings, D. Knickerbacker Boyd of Philadelphia, and Waddy Butler Wood and William I. Deming of Washington, DC were among them.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, located at the edge of the neighborhood, is also listed as part of the historic district.

Rosemont is often associated and shares amenities with its larger neighbor, North Ridge.